Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Roller Derby

I got a set of used rollers in September and played around with them once right after that. Following the advice of my loved ones and coach, I agreed to put them aside until this last race was behind me. I didn't have the time during race season for (1) injuries or (2) drywall repair.

Today seemed like a good day to give them another go since the kids are off school and could call 911 if necessary.

This time I had a better idea for the setup that eliminated the possibility of me falling through a second story window. I positioned the rollers between the kitchen bar top (with padding/wall protection added) and the repositioned couch. I even got brave and clipped in. Then I decided on an arbitrary goal of 10 miles for this little ride. This video is at about two miles in.

10 miles. It took me 51 minutes. With 16 stops. Tempo-level heart rate. 11.8 mph!! OMG! Well, I can only improve from here.

I figured out a few things about rollers today:
  1. The more relaxed I am, the more stable I am. Steady breathing and a steady pedal stroke are essential.
  2. It takes a significant amount of concentration so I can see this being good mental training!
  3. I don't think I will ever ever use rollers without these "bumpers" on either side of me. At least not unless I figure out a ceiling-mounted safety harness.
  4. I felt most stable with my cadence in the low to mid-80s. (BTW this was all in the small chain ring)
  5. My heart rate was WAY higher on rollers than it would be for a similar effort on the bike trainer. I spend most of my trainer time between 16 & 20 mph and on the rollers I was around 13! I guess that is from all the extra balance and coordination plus brain power needed!

I love a good challenge, and these rollers present exactly that. I think this will be fun!