Friday, November 22, 2013

Review: Calavera Swim Leotard

A few weeks ago I stumbled across Calavera Swimwear's one piece leotard online and was immediately intrigued. I'd never seen anything like it but I was always on the lookout for something "more" to swim in particularly during the winter or for cold open water swims. I wanted something to combat those morning swim chills and the shock of the first jump into the water. I finally found it.

I got the suit yesterday and tried it on right away, "swimming" laps around the house while my kids rolled their eyes at their strange mother. The size medium was a great fit for my 5'7" 130 lb self. It has a quarter zip on the back for easy on/off and a zipper pocket on the right side that can accommodate a gel or two -- which would have been ideal when I did the 2.4 mile lake swim last summer and emerged ravenous. The fitted sleeves have thumb holes to stay put. I love the black and blue stripe design especially but the suit also comes in dark grey and magenta as well. The full line includes one and two-piece stay-put beautiful suits!

This morning I took the suit for its first test swim. I was a little worried about whether the sleeves would catch water or if anything would chafe or rub, but it didn't take long for those concerns to evaporate (like the water pun?) so I could focus on the business of swimming and not the suit, which is the ultimate goal!  I didn't notice any drag or water within the suit aside from a few bubbles escaping the top of my back now and again. I have no hesitations about using this suit for rigorous training.

As I hoped, it was nice to feel warm poolside, and to escape that initial chill of the water. But I didn't get hot in the suit either despite doing drills, some build sets, and paddle work. (No killer intervals, it is off season after all!)

I truly love this swimsuit and expect I will chose it over my other suits more often than not. Oh, and look, it matches the fins!

Calavera was founded in 2010 by Anna Jerstrom, a surfer and swimwear designer originally from Stockholm, who recognized a need for performance-based stylish swimwear for surfing, swimming, beach volleyball, SUP, and any other water sport you can think of.

Please contact me at if you are interested in getting a Calavera suit. I am a happy ambassador and member of the Calavera Crew who value the development of functional and stylish swimwear that dares to be different.

As an aside, I think this leotard suit could benefit others who just might not want to bare all and prefer a more modest suit. I also think it could look pretty hot with a matching skirt. It's a really versatile piece that I am happy to have in my collection.

Just off the wall...legs haven't had a chance to sink yet ;-)

 Selfie in the zero-entry part of the pool.
I just thought it was a neat backdrop for the suit and it highlights my goggle eyes.