Sunday, March 11, 2012

If ever an event deserved a finisher's medal...

...the fourth grade overnight Williamsburg trip would be it. The 37 kids and 17 adults loaded up at 5:30 am Thursday, drove 300 miles, returning at 8:30 pm Friday. In between was a LOT of standing, listening, walking, and synchronized bathroom trips. The thing that amazed me was that when we stopped at a rest stop at 5 pm on Friday, utterly exhausted, the kids spent about 20 minutes engaged in an all-out game of tag and even their teacher got involved. This group of kids defies the national childhood obesity odds. I love watching their free spirits and natural running form!

Yesterday I took my tri bike to Steve, owner of Just the Right Gear, to get the wheels put on and discuss what it might need for the coming season. The owner, Steve, really gets to know his customers and goes above and beyond for everyone. I left the shop with a helmet and a few new yoga stretches (he's in the process of becoming a certified yoga teacher)! I'd mentioned that I was considering a new helmet as I still have my original from four years ago. He passed along one of his personal, but lightly used Giro helmets. I love hand-me-downs!

It's been a gorgeous weekend here, perfect for running and biking, and now with one extra hour of daylight in the evenings!