Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finding (my) Nemo

...more like Searching for my Nemo. For us late-to-swimming types, it's a never ending quest to find our way. While I've improved quite a bit over the last three years with patient coaching, video, and practice, plent-y of work remains. The back end and elbows drop while the head over-rotates when I breathe. Yeah I know. Workin' on it.

I think I have Dory's memory or lack thereof. And just when I get one bad habit under control, another seems to pop up in its place.

Fortunately, I am more stubborn than my bad habits, so I chip away at them, and I've seen my stroke and times improve.

This video was some recent practice footage with Coach's newer underwater camera. My favorite part is the sounds, the bubbles, the tranquility. Add in some coral and anemones, maybe a starfish, that would be something.

Today I added a swim because (1) after 18 hours of 6 kids here for the sleepover bday party I needed a little getaway to restore my sanity and (2) this coming Thursday and Friday will be "off" days so I'll miss a swim. I'm not sure I'd call a two-day trip to Williamsburg with the fourth grade "off".

Since this was an add-on, I decided to do a 5 x 400 alternating hard and easy sets with 1 minute rest between. The cool thing is that my 3rd and 5th sets were a smidge faster than the 400 time trial I did in late December. YAY!! It could translate to 8 or even 10 seconds savings in a sprint!!  Wait...sighhh...really...that's all?!

The search for my Nemo continues.