Friday, March 30, 2012

Git'R Done

We all love a challenge, and mine often come in the form of scheduling challenges.

Challenge: fit an hour of intervals on the bike trainer into a day that already had a morning swim, work, kid pickup, and soccer practice.

Solution: cycle AT soccer practice.
This was before I started dripping

The really cool thing is, that ALL the parents were doing something active: hula hooping, shooting hoops, walking a dog, jogging around the neighborhood, or throwing a ball. Siblings were playing on the playground and everyone was having a great time!

I have to admit the plan to watch my child did not work out too well when I hit the threshold segments.

The kids are coached by two VT students, Luke and Ed, and this is the team's third season with them. They are AWESOME coaches and I've seen them develop their skills too. We are so fortunate to live in this fabulous college town!

And just in case my kids aren't yet completely embarrassed to have me for a mother, I have this bit to add. My PT Mike had suggested a slide board to strengthen my abductors, but being a bit cheap, I figured I could just improvise with a can of Pledge and a pair of socks. Works like a charm ;-)