Friday, November 5, 2010

Weight Club Fall Fitness Challenge

On October 30 I participated in Kurt Weidner's Fall Fitness Challenge to raise money for the Humane Society of Montgomery County.  We took pledges for the number of reps or max weight of an exercise that we could do. Since I had a 23-mile run the day before, I had to pick something that didn't involve legs, so I went with bench press.  That is an exercise I am always working on, benching weekly, and working toward the February bench press meet at Virginia Tech.

I took pledges for the number of lbs I could get in excess of 100 on a max bench press. I was confident through 130 and I hit 140 a few weeks ago for the first time EVER as part of my normal bench routine. On this day, I hit an ugly 130, and missed 135 twice.  It was the best I had in me at the time.

It was a great event with men and women of all ages showcasing situps, pushups, pullups, deadlifts, squats, running, and tire flipping.  Kurt and Vaughan Twigger each did as many flips of an 850 lb rubber tire as they could.  I'd never seen that, but it's such an awkward movement, having to get a grip at floor level. On Kurt's last flip (#15), the tire slipped and landed on his leg.  We were all stunned and it seemed like an eternity before a few guys removed it from him.  His leg looked awful all week but it seems he escaped major injury.  Good thing, since as a personal trainer and world-class competitive bodybuilder, you kind of need both legs.
As a group we raised over $4500 for the Humane Society. It was great event to be a part of in support of a very worthwhile organization and fun to see the talents of so many folks.  We had a few spectators and hopefully they were inspired to new personal bests.

Kurt flipping the tire

Mario, a pullup machine