Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ode to new shoes

Chosen ones, unblemished in a box. 
Carrying the dream of 5K and 10K PRs. 
Welcome my unsocked feet in T2. 

Lift me up unforgiving hills. 
Carry me swiftly past my competitors,
With high turnover and effortless flow. 

Join to my will and resist my thoughts 
When they say ‘this is fast enough’ 
Or ‘you are not so tough today’. 

Protect my toenails, heels, and 
All within your meshy upper. 
Blister me not. 

Prepare for adventure, 
As we take to the roads,
For sprint and Olympic swim, bike, then run. 

Together we will journey,
Battling walls, bonks, and fades,
Driven by strength, purpose, and EVA soles. 

Eyes on the prize, the final 100 meters. 
Kick to the finish, go strong. 
Dream it! Do it! Let's go! 

But first, out of the box.