Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No, his bite IS worse than his bark

With tomorrow's forecasted 80% chance of rain, I decided to move tomorrow's workouts to today and move my off day to tomorrow. Little did I know today came with a 100% chance of dog bite.

I had a 90 minute upper aerobic/hill ride and headed out on a familiar route. Coming up a somewhat blind twisty hill (North Fork and Seneca Hollow), I was met by two yapping dogs that I have seen on the road before but I had avoided, till now. This time the blue heeler made contact with my left ankle, tearing my new Castelli socks (nooo!!!), breaking skin, and causing some slight bruising. I nearly went down. Man those dog jaws are strong! I stopped and figured this was something that needed to be reported.

As I waited, another cyclist stopped, we chatted, and he went on his way (more about him in a second). Two animal control officers came in two trucks, the neighbor gave them the owner's info, and the dog was loaded in the back of a truck. They explained that most likely the owner will be permitted to pick up the dog and quarantine the dog at home for 10 days. I am supposed to be contacted by the health department.

I thought it odd that they didn't look at my ankle or take pictures or anything. 

I'm sure this dog was doing what it thought it needed to be doing - herding me or whatever. So I feel kind of bad. On the other hand, the owner should know the danger they are potentially causing to other cyclists. I got off pretty easy, but another rider could go down and in that low visibility bend, could be run over.

contrite? maybe?

While I met with animal control, the cyclist I talked to had circled back around to report he'd been chased by two pit bulls one street over. Animal Control said they'd had complaints and left a note but hadn't heard back from that owner. Geez! It's dangerous out there.

Anyway, I carried on with my ride dodging chipmunks and squirrels and jumping at the sound of every dog bark. I still managed 29 miles in 1:34 with 3100 feet of elevation gain, even with all that extra drag of a ripped sock! LOL.

Be safe out there people!!