Friday, January 11, 2013

A sure sign that training is picking up.... having to print the weekly workout schedule scaled down to 70% to make it fit on one page. This is the one starting 1/14. I love seeing it start to get all crowded like this but it means I have to be even more organized fitting in workouts and being prepared for them.

The kids went back to school Wednesday and it was one of those weeks where it was a bit tricky to fit everything in. But fit it all in, I did, by doing two early morning "double workouts" - a run/swim and a bike trainer/swim. Tuesday called for my longest mid-week run in a while - just over 9 miles with a tempo section at the end.

I sometimes get asked how I keep from getting bored on the bike trainer or swimming or running. The way workouts are designed, I don't have much of a chance to get bored. Most of them involve quite a bit of structure and regular-change ups in pace, cadence, intensity, and purpose. On the bike trainer I usually put on Netflix or Hulu but I hardly pay attention because my focus is on the effort and what's coming next. My Coach knows I like a fair amount of structure and detail and he delivers.

This can be tough time of year to train - days are short, mornings are cold, and races seems far off in the distance. Daily life boils down to mom/family stuff, work, and training. It's easy to start feeling like I have no life. Then I realize the issue isn't that I have NO life. It's that I have a LOT of life!! Hey, I'll take it!