Saturday, January 5, 2013

100 days till Boston

Today kicks off the serious ramp-up to the Boston Marathon. To mark the occasion, I ran a half-marathon on our trails in the Jefferson National Forest. It was 22 degrees when I started and 33 when I finished, but if you dress right, and I had, temperature is not a factor.

I had about six separate shallow stream crossings. I always imagine if I run through the water fast enough my feet will magically stay dry, but they never do. It's fun though, and my feet warm up quick enough.

Coach Jim recently suggested a New Year's Resolution for me - to finally give in and run my easy runs EASY and I agreed that it's time. I accomplished that today and finished feeling really good! It was beautiful out aside from some annoying stretches of Forest Service Road that were a sheet of ice leaving me no choice but to walk and pick my way through.

Top of the mountain by the Fire Dept communication tower

This was the first time in ages I ran with my Nathan hydration belt and took gels (thanks JWJ for the nudge to take an extra). For runs of 10 miles or less I don't need anything but today I definitely did. In fact, I was wishing I'd packed an omelet and giant stack of pancakes too.

I listened to some podcasts along the way and the latest episode of the Moth had me laughing out loud, alone on the side of the mountain, rolling freely down the switchbacks of Snake Root.

It feels soooo good to be running long again. Love it.