Friday, April 13, 2012

Signs of the mojo returning

I've been fighting a pretty rough patch the last 6-8 weeks with this hip thing and my mojo took a pretty big hit. Even though I could still bike and swim, the uncertainty of the recovery timeline, the frustration with my own body failure, and a missed goal race landed me squarely in a funk. I trained, hard even, but my usual fight was hedged by fear - of extended injury or reinjury.

I hate being in that mental place. And I hate that as much as I try to contain it, the yuck of it escapes into other parts of life. I couldn't dial up my happy to "11" like I usually can and productivity suffered across the board. That didn't help matters. For me, happiness and productivity are inextricably linked.

This week, I saw signs of the mojo returning. I'd started back with some run/walk and on my 5th run since I started back I had that "thing" happen, that indescribable release, where I started to believe things would be OK.
Mojo Jojo

With that, I hit the accelerator, and accelerated myself right out of "easy aerobic jog" to what I had no business doing on a weakened hip. But it felt spectacular. Maybe even worth the gentle reprimand to stick to the plan and trust in the process.

Now the challenge is to be patient, smart and conservative so I can put this whole matter firmly behind me.

I signed up for my first sprint tri of the season May 5. That's three whole weeks away. I'd call that very patient.

Go get it, Buttercup.