Tuesday, March 20, 2012

45 Pull Ups. The birthday adventure continues.

Today's 45th birthday week challenge was 45 wide-grip pull ups. I've always loved doing these and they are a staple for me in the gym. Great for the lats but even better for just feeling strong and capable!

It took me 7 sets (12, 8, 6, 6, 6, 4, 3) and about 10 minutes to do them all with about 45s rest between sets.  Notice how my legs try to push off of ummmm...the AIR... to "help" me up on the tough ones!! All in all, not bad considering I'd had a swim this morning too that included a set with paddles, taxing the lats some. But with the power of the pink lifting straps, all things are possible!

It was good to have a bit of help and extra motivation from Kurt -- rep 26 was a perfect example, haha! After this we went through a back and bicep workout: one-arm dumbbell rows, seated rows, face pulls (rear delts), cable ez bar curls, shrugs, and alternate dumbell curls.

The 45 pull ups workout was a nice addition to the 4500y swim on Sunday. There is still at least one more "fun with 45" workout yet to come...maybe two. The actual b-day is on Thursday the 22nd but the celebration goes through Friday when I told the kids I am having a sleepover birthday party just like they do. But they are the only people I want to invite :-)

The last three years I have done age x 135 lb sumo deadlifts (1 set) - here's last year's 44 x 135.  Even without the slightly wonky hip I knew I wanted to change it up this year and it ended up expanding into multiple events. I guess that is appropriate as a multisport athlete.

Seriously, is there a better way to celebrate a birthday?? I think not!