Saturday, March 3, 2012

2012 Racing Sponsor: Solar Connexion

I'd like to say a humble thank you to Solar Connexion and owner Bryan Walsh for coming on as a sponsor of my 2012 racing season and supporting my efforts toward Auckland, New Zealand to race for Team USA in October. Solar Connexion is Virginia's premier photovoltaic contractor and has done installations throughout the state since 1993.

It's important that the values of the athlete and sponsor correspond and in this case they most certainly do. His credo is "reliability, performance, efficiency, workmanship, and integrity while minimizing the true cost per KWH." He wants his clients to get the right system for their long term needs, not the cheapest or easiest for him. It's not about shortcuts or maximizing profit, he just wants to see the right thing done, whether he gets the job or not.

Gorgeous example of Solar Connexion's work!

Bryan and Solar Connexion are also just great community citizens, donating time and equipment for projects like the Blacksburg Farmer's Market, the demonstration wind and solar project at the YMCA, the Virginia Tech Lumenhaus, and a low-income housing community.

It turns out that thinking about having sponsors is one thing. Asking, and getting one, is just a lot more unsettling than I bargained for. It's really weird to be given something, a very substantial something, so I'm happy to have found a few small ways that I've been able to contribute toward the company mission.

If you're at the New River Valley Home Builders Association Home Expo next weekend in Christiansburg, please look up Solar Connexion! And check out their new Facebook page!