Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog Post # 500

Here it is, post #500 in 45 months of blogging, through what started as Unblobbing and morphed into Cort the Sport. This blog has chronicled the journey from out-of-shape mom and sedentary post-doc to runner and triathlete -- from the very day I decided it was time to make a change. Along with learning to run and later swim and bike, I've learned that I love to write. What started as a personal journal became much more public through TriCrowd and other outlets. I wrote this in an email the other day:

My writing hobby has taken on a life of its own and sometimes it borders on uncomfortable to be so out there, knowing it puts me at risk of being perceived as full of myself. I know where I stand in the triathlon world order -- I'm okay, but there are lots and lots who are way better. But I feel compelled to share because you know it's been a life changing awakening for me that I hope others might discover for themselves. My goal remains to train and race happy, have adventures, and encourage lots of others along the way.

I could never have imagined the path I would take over these last few years and I'm grateful for every step. I blog because I can't keep my excitement contained within myself, and writing spares those around me from having to hear about it all the time!! I really enjoy getting emails and comments and connecting to others in the triathlon community through this blog. There have been around 25,000 direct page views since I began (not including what is ported to and read through TriCrowd). I share that only as interesting data (not as some popularity contest sort of thing) because you know I like numbers.

I thought about what I wanted to do with post # 500 and it was clear. I want to use this to thank my husband Robert, who is the unsung hero who make my adventures possible. He works so hard, SO hard, to keep our family happy, comfortable, and loved. He's a brilliant hardware/electrical engineer and all-around great problem solver. Robert has a huge heart and he has always been my biggest cheerleader.

For 16+ years he has put up with me, my various pursuits, and my idiosyncrasies. He doesn't question what I do because he sees the happiness it brings.

He's the guy who rolls up his sleeves and does what needs doing -- he hauls the skunked dog off to the vet, gets rid of hornets' nests, takes the garbage to the dump, and does other glamorous household tasks. You get the idea.

Each morning, he gets the oldest child off to school which allows me time to get in an early workout. He takes care of Saturday morning duties too, to clear my schedule for long runs or rides. And when I return, he listens intently (or faking it well, which is fine too!), proud of how well I know my way around the back roads of this town he grew up in. Several icy mornings he has driven me to the pool in his 4WD truck, never suggesting it might make more sense to skip it. And when I was out on my bike and a lightening storm blew in, he came looking for me.

Robert in his "lair"

Just in case you think it's all perfect, no, it's still a marriage, for better and for worse!!  He's the under-communicator to my over-communicator. But that's OK. There's probably only room for one over-communicator in the family!!