Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I set a new P.R. this morning...for the sheer volume of sweat that I produced during a run that included some nice threshold intervals.  The humidity was near 100%. The sweat-fest didn't stop there.

The minivan's air conditioning is once again not functioning despite my huge cash bleed to fix it last week.  I drove to the gym cursing the red lights where I would sit and slowly bake.

I worked legs with Kurt which means...massive sweat dripping.  My towel was soaked. I welcomed the minimal breeze of a fellow gym-goer passing by. I showered (which was nearly pointless) and returned to bake in the car, which I drove straight to the shop. I proceeded to walk about a mile and a half to my office with my loaded backpack and lunch bag, and arrived...dripping.

I spent the first five minutes of my meeting explaining/defending my sweaty state of being.

I don't live where cacti are native, yet our forecast, courtesy of WeatherBug, includes a cactus.  That should tell you something. It's hot across much of the US and I realize it's far worse in other places.

Still, good thing I am not afraid to sweat.

Now to hike back to the car to drive it A/C-less until yet another (and hopefully final) part arrives on Monday.

Stay cool everyone....