Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hooray for local running/bike/tri shops

Today I did something I've never done before. I returned running shoes that I have worn about 10 times. It was a great moral dilemma for me to return something used. I have another pair of Sauconys in this size that fit fine, but for some reason in this model they are definitely a half-size too small and over-crowding my little piggies. The store has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. I had no box, no receipt, but thought I would ask about it.  Cheerfully they took the shoes and put in an order for the next size up. Wow.

My shoes - Saucony ProGrid Mirage in GREEN!

I get my running shoes at the local running store - Runabout Sports. Between the kids and I, we've probably gotten 40 pairs of shoes there, plus apparel, hats, arm sleeves, socks, nutrition, compression socks, hydration belts, water bottles, swim goggles, massage sticks, gloves....  (Lordy, I hope my husband doesn't read this.)

Like many local running/bike/tri shops, Runabout is more than a store. It's a community hub for runners and a source of much knowledge. I think about the time that I went for shoes this spring and mentioned my tendonitis. I ended up leaving with a whole lower-leg strengthening plan and a quick exam and suggestions from a physical therapist-in-training! They put on many of the local races (with fabulous door prizes) and run a summer youth track league. The shop owner, James DeMarco, is a talented and self-sacrificing runner who has coached our very successful high school track team with some amazing national standouts.

Yeah, maybe I could save $10 on a pair of shoes by ordering online, but I wouldn't even consider it. I am loyal to this shop and the employees, and want to support all they do to promote health and fitness in the community.