Saturday, July 16, 2011

Function over Fashion

I was sporting this snazzy look today.  In public. From the looks I got I had the distinct impression that knee-high compression socks are not exactly mainstream.

I felt a bit self-conscious about it, but after a tough trail run that went longer than expected, I wanted to take care of these puppies.

I've run these trails many times before, but not since last fall, and there is this one place where I always seem to miss the turn. It's not for lack of a (LARGE) sign.  It's for the lack of paying attention. I just get tunnel vision and get absorbed in the moment, the effort, the rhythm, the flow. (See Epic Trail Run when I missed the same turn and ended up on the other side of the mountain. It got a little scary.) So today I missed it again, backtracked, then had to unbacktrack. But at least I remained on the correct side of the mountain.

This trail runs the gamut from level even footing to steep and rocky with switchbacks. The variety is a real treat. (Garmin Data)

It's worth sacrificing a little fashion sense to take care of the legs that carry me to such enjoyable places!

Today's elevation profile