Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do Tread on Me

Today I realized I am....gasp....becoming set in my ways!  When did this happen?  I tried to switch tire brands on my bike today and just couldn't do it!!

I took my bike into the shop for a tuneup and new tubes and tires.  My trusty mechanic recommended a set of Schwalbe tires (right, below) that have proven durability and would be good all around.  When we looked at the sample, I noticed there was no tread, they were slick, where my current tires have a pretty good tread pattern.  We discussed the fact that on bike tires it's less of an issue since so little is on the pavement.  Logically, I get it.  But then he sized me up and said, you know, you are so used to looking at these tires that I think it will just bother you to look down and see a slick tire, so if for no other reason than that you probably should go with what you have.  I realized he was right!!

Hundreds of road tires on the market and we ordered the exact same tires as last year - Continental Grand Prix 4-Season (left, below). Maybe it is all in my head, but yeah, I do like seeing that tread and it's gotten me through the last year - through gravel, rain, cold, sun, heat, and a bit of snow. I'd better hope they never stop making them.

I trust my equipment. Which is why it would take a lot for me to replace my entry-level aluminum road bike that has gotten me this far.