Monday, March 21, 2011

Signs of Spring in my Triathlon World

Yay!!  Spring is here in Blacksburg, Virginia.  How do I know? Well, the daffodils, obviously! No, the real signs are that the underground triathlon network seems to be surfacing again. All winter, we hibernated in pool lanes, on trainers, and on treadmills, quietly putting in the miles and laps to nowhere.

But we are back, baby!!   Back on the roads and tracks and before long in the lakes! Other signs of spring in my triathlon world:
  • The level of chit-chat has increased at the pool - what's your first race, how's your training coming...
  • My first brick workout is scheduled for tomorrow, just a baby "briquette" really, but a start.
  • Just made lodging reservations with two girlfriends, Tanya and Jennifer, at a B&B for the Bath County Triathlon in June...this makes race season seem real!
  • My friend Krista is already threatening to get me out for a lake swim the minute the water hits 55 degrees. I've countered with a threat of swimming in a suit of bubble-wrap. I am such a wimp with the cold.
  • I had my first run on the Virginia Tech cross-country course on Sunday.  It's wide open now, but by summer, all but the running path will be corn, corn, and more corn.
  • Tanya and I got out for a road ride together Saturday - her first of the season.  She had on shorts, a shirt, and a light jacket.  I had on my leg warmers, two pairs of socks, neoprene shoe covers, mid-weight gloves, two tops, and a bright yellow wind breaker.  Like I said, spring or not, I am such a wimp with the cold.
  • Swim workouts include sighting practice again.  My thoughts turn to whether gains made in the pool will translate to the races, what is my swim strategy, and honing in on my race pace.
  • Coach Jim has had to put on his spring pre-race season sports psychologist hat again :-)
  • It's nearly time to take the bike in for new tubes and tires plus a tune-up to get 'ol Ace RACE READY.  I have a great mechanic who is a retired engineer.  (My dentist is a former engineer too.  I suppose as an engineer I should be able to work with my own bike.  But not my own teeth. I'll leave both to the experts.)
I have my race schedule set through June and then it's a little less defined.  I want to wait a bit and see how things feel and how I progress. It's strange because I'm such a planner.  This time last year I had my entire year mapped out.

One footnote - I finally canceled my Boston flight and sweeet hotel reservation I had at the Sheraton near the finish line.  I had toyed with going for the weekend to scope it out for next year, even though not running would kill me. Then we got our tax return back from the accountant it seemed prudent to stay home and think of ways to save money!!

Happy Spring everyone!  Hope you are feeling good and ready to roll!!