Saturday, May 2, 2009

Disaster averted

Yesterday I was tired and clearly distracted. Rushing around the house to get ready for our 12:30 class, I managed to trip down half a flight of our hardwood steps landing on my hip and back. That was a total loss-of-control accident like I have not experienced in adulthood. I landed hard on my right hip/bum and have a lovely bruise that made sleeping on that side untenable. Fortunately, it doesn't affect walking or sitting. Again, a reminder that I need to be careful or I'll have more than just a bum leg to deal with.

Come to think of it, yesterday was strange all the way around. While doing tricep pressdowns with my knee/leg propped up on a bench, I pulled an ab muscle. I could feel exactly where it was and it seemed to interfere with low ab things (knee raises) but not upper ab things (crunches). I also found that my shoulders were telling me that bench dips were a bad idea and I thought it best not to ignore that.

Just a few more days as a tripod. I'm starting to get a little nervous about how things will be on Thursday morning for the big unveiling. I'm hoping to be pretty close to pain free at that point. I can move things around enough to know that I'm not there yet.