Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tri Pros -- Like us, only faster.

In my work over the last 2-1/2 years with the fortyninegroup, I've had the privilege of supporting and serving a number of tremendous individuals who happen to also be professional triathletes and coaches. Through them I've interacted with an even wider circle of runners, triathletes, paratriathletes, and entrepreneurs in sports.

I haven't shared a whole lot about what I do here on my blog, sort of on purpose. The focus of my blog is my own journey through the sport as a half-crazed sleep-deprived working mother who is climbing up the age groups. 

But I'm going to break the "silence" to talk just a bit about my outside perspective of these top athletes. It's really a privilege to watch and learn from them. 

They ARE just like us. Only faster. OK, a LOT faster. But there are common threads that run through them, and hopefully us:
  • They have good races and not-so-good races but they learn something from every one.
  • They are self-reflective and honest.
  • They have mechanical issues and travel headaches just like we do.
  • They put in long, tedious, not-exciting indoor sessions too.
  • They get hurt, sick, and wipe out on their bikes.
  • They dial back training at certain times per year.
  • Most work closely with a coach.
  • They have short-term and long-term goals.
  • They are consistent and focused in their training.
  • They celebrate successes but don't rest on their laurels.
  • They don't publicly complain, make excuses, sandbag, etc.
  • They have healthy relationships with fellow triathletes and competitors.
  • They are overtly appreciative of those who support them - family, sponsors, and fans.
  • They bring a sense of humor and playfulness.
  • They note the natural beauty in which they race and train.
  • They are flexible and make adjustments as needed.
  • They appreciate a well-fitting wetsuit, great pair of running shoes, and a beautiful bike :-)
  • They have belief in themselves and keep pressing forward through the tough times.
  • They congratulate others for strong performances.
  • They don't put life on hold for sport (they remodel kitchens, travel, adopt kitties...)
These athletes and coaches provide me with a great dose of perspective every day that I can't help but carry into my own training and racing.

Celebrate the highs. 
Fight through the lows. 
Put in the work. 
Be grateful and appreciative.
Enjoy the journey. 

I LOVE my job....I truly love what I get to do and the people for whom I get to do it. Athletes and coaches work hard and bring great passion into all that they do. I get tremendous satisfaction supporting what they do. It's pretty cool the things that I get to call "work."

Lastly, who was I kidding saying I'd take 20 minutes every day this week to blog...it's hard to write much of anything in 20 minutes...sigh.

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