Thursday, March 19, 2015

The fun of coach-written training plans

I have worked with my coach, Jim McGehee of One on One Endurance, ever since I started in the sport of triathlon. I happened into him when our kids were both taking music lessons at the same place and I was coming off a running injury and considering triathlon. That was the summer of 2009!

The best part of working with him is that the training is never boring and each session includes just the right amount of goals and details to keep my mind appropriately busy. I get my workouts in two-weeks blocks, presented via Training Peaks.

What I love is that sessions often feel like games to me - with intervals to hold a specific-to-me pace, cadence, wattage, or heart rate. And when I have long or easy runs/rides on the schedule, I'm ready for the mental break and those miles are appreciated.

There's diversity in the settings too as he sends me of to roads, running paths, track, trails, hills, flat, treadmill, bike trainer. While weeks may have a similar rhythm to them (long things on weekends, group swims T/H), there are no two weeks the same...which I like!

These little goals keep me challenged and motivated! Here are a few favorite workouts from the last two weeks:

It really helps to have some type of programmable GPS device for these. I still use the old Garmin Training Center to program my Edge 800 and Forerunner 910XT:

Then I use Training Peaks to log the data and share it back with my coach for feedback, and he uses it in future planning.

I still find the training process - and data - endlessly fascinating and I remain grateful that I don't have to write my own training plan. Every two weeks I get to see what's in store for me.

I often tell Coach Jim he does the hard part writing all of this up, and I get all the fun!

If this sounds like fun, you might look into coaching. Just be sure to find the right coach match for you.