Monday, February 17, 2014

The Perfect (Snow) Storm

All winter I've been saying I just wanted ONE good snow storm, as defined by the following characteristics:
  1. at least 8" of snow in a 24 hour period
  2. sled-able (not too cold, no wind)
  3. good for snowmen, snowballs, snow structures
  4. one or two days off of school
  5. and THE most important: no disruption of power or Internet
Here in southwest Virginia, we got that, and more, with somewhere around 18-20" of snow, 2-1/2 days of school missed, and no power or Internet outages! We couldn't get out for two days, but that was fine by me.

Once I saw all that white powdery goodness, I got stuck on the idea of doing a snow-version of the polar plunge. So, why not? Really, it was not such a big deal for a quick bit of quirky fun (and my long-sleeve Calavera suit came in handy)

I was not the only one who had some different ideas for celebrating the snow.

Bryan took the bike trainer outside. He also tried the bike in the snow and advised me against doing the same.

This speedy triathlete friend caught a nice snowbank wave! (thank you for letting me use your picture!)

The family got a lot of cross-training in - shoveling, giant snowball making, sledding, and building.

Friends enjoyed winter hikes, snow shoeing, skiing, snow boarding and skiing. We had impromptu neighborhood movie nights. It was like a giant holiday.

In the midst, I kept up with training, it kept me sane. Here's a sample of what I've been up to lately:
  • Wednesday 
    • 55 minute bike trainer ride with 2x15 min tempo sections
    • 6-Minute 6-Pack workout
  • Thursday
    • 52 minute Vasa Swim Ergometer (for missed group swim) with 3x1000m
    • Gym workout (improvised at home with stretch cord, set up dumbbells, rings, pullup bar)
    • 6-Minute 6-Pack workout
  • Friday - OFF
  • Saturday
    • 1 hour easy run with friend Carla at Weight Club track :-)
    • Gym session with DeWayne
  • Sunday
    • 32 minute Vasa Swim Ergometer (with 5 x [2min@56 watts + 2min@64 + 1 min@72])
    • 2 hour easy ride on bike trainer with 20s spinups every 5 minutes (I love a pretty graph!)
    • 6-Minute 6-Pack workout

I'm glad for our ONE big, record-setting snowstorm. 
Now I am ready for spring!!! 32 days...but who's counting?