Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Skills & Endorsements"

I've been on Linked In a while, but only recently paid attention to it, as it's beginning to be used more as a social media outlet for companies. I am coming around to the potential value for the individual, and at the very least it's interesting to see people's job histories and where they have landed, especially former students and colleagues.

One thing I still find odd on there is the idea of "endorsing" people for "Skills and Expertise". Doesn't my job history cover most of that? Maybe it's just the collection of particular skills I have amassed that is odd. To think I am good at things like "Higher Education" and "Academia". That feels like saying I am good at "Blue" and "Envelope".

What would I want it to say?

Well, I discovered I could add my own skills...and naturally, I took FULL advantage. There is an upper limit of 50 skills, but lucky for me I have exactly 50 skills and not one more! This collection of work/life/triathlon skills (using a very liberal interpretation of "skill")  is meaningful  and unique to me. I entered the ones without numbers:

Now I have made my peace with the Skills and Endorsements part of Linked In and I can feel good about these, whether or not they get "Endorsed" or not.

Heading into this new season, what would you like to have recognized, or endorsed? What characteristics would you like to bring more to the forefront? It's not too late to make changes.

Food for thought!