Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Morning Tri Coffee Reads - May 11

I've been very delinquent putting this out since Boston and they will be a little hit-or-miss during the race season. However, I've streamlined the process, deciding to be less OCD about it and just porting them from my bookmarks without a whole lot of editorializing or organizing. These aggregation posts are an offshoot of my work, as I am always keeping an eye out for stories and content of interest to triathletes. So, in no particular order, I offer the following:

Why Caffeine In Coffee Is A Miracle Drug For The Tired : The Salt : NPR
Historians tell us that caffeine in coffee helped Western civilization "sober up" and get down to business. Now scientific research shows that at low doses, caffeine improves performance on mental tasks, especially in people who are already tired.
Finding the Perfect Hill - Q and A with Hal Higdon - TrainingPeaks Blog
Insurance for your bicycle? -
Does your bicycle really need an insurance policy all its own? Isn't everything already covered either by your medical or homeowners plan? Yes and no. While not for everyone, the policy is attractive for many.
T-Shirt Etiquette Guidelines | Big Daddy Diesel
The ultimate list of race t-shirt do's and don'ts!
One Gear, One Goal: Bike Is 'Good To 100 MPH,' Builder Says : The Two-Way : NPR
What does it take to ride a bicycle at 100 miles per hour? That's the question being explored by Britain's Donhou Bicycles and frame builder Tom Donhou, who has mounted a mammoth chainring onto a custom steel bicycle. He says the machine has already hit 60 miles per hour on the open road.
Healthy Breakfast Ideas: What Fitness Experts Eat In The Morning
There may be no one who understands the concept that food is fuel better than fitness professionals. After all, when it's your job to exercise all day, you're going to need some serious stamina.
Why Do I Gasp When My Face Hits Cold Water? |
If you get short of breath, and feel constricted and panicky when you submerge yourself in cold water, you're not alone.
Student Late To Country Music Marathon Still Finishes -
His roommate had to wake him up.
When Cheeseburger = Walking, Will We Eat Less? : The Salt : NPR
Would you eat a double cheeseburger if you knew it took two hours of walking to burn it off? Participants in a new study said, hmm, maybe not. The researchers say that exercise-based labels could do a better job than calorie counts at steering people to healthful choices.
2013 State of the Sport | Running USA
The 2013 National Runner Survey is a comprehensive study conducted every two years by Running USA. This survey is the fourth one conducted by Running USA. The National Runner Survey assesses the demographics, lifestyle, attitudes, habits and product preferences of the running population nationwide. Results from the National Runner Survey reflect "core runners", that is, active adult participants who tend to enter running events and train year-round.
A look at training bike cadence from Luis Vargas at MarkAllenOnline.
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