Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I have packing issues

I fear packing. Mostly because I do not like the feeling of being somewhere and wishing for something I didn't think to pack. I guess it feels like a shortcoming on my part, that I couldn't predict I'd need/want some exact item.

So what am I worried about with New Zealand? Not the race, not the long packing! I need things for 12 days of training, racing, hiking, touring, sleeping, traveling.....

Mike, who is the experienced leader of our particular Team USA travel group, reminds me that this is Auckland, not Beijing (site of last year's Worlds) and that "they have stores there". LOL. Another group member even pointed out a big shopping district adjacent to our hotel.

There are definitely two schools of thought on packing:
  1. Plan for the 80% and buy the other 20%
  2. Plan for 110% and buy 0%
A glimpse into the basket under my driver's seat of my van will tell you which camp I am in.

In this basket, I have things for nearly every contingency: Arm warmers (black AND white to match anything), leg warmers, gels, running hat, ear warmer, warm hat, spare ear buds, anti-chafe lotion, mace, muti-tool, bug repellant, ziplock bag for phone, three pairs of gloves of different weights, headlamp, and wet wipes. Under the back seat, I have my "emergency" stash of raisins, blanket, towel, rain coat, first aid kit, paper towels, umbrella, socks, garbage bag. The drawer under the passenger seat has more stuff - cable ties, bungy cords,..... This is getting embarrassing, but you get the picture.

Think what you will, but when I left the house last weekend for a 50-mile bike ride, and realized I was underdressed for the temps, I had enough extra stuff to put on to be perfectly comfortable (below). Buying was not an option!

Alright, just maybe this is an opportunity for personal growth. While I need to pack 100% (okay, 105%) of the critical tri/race stuff, I will aim for 80% (okay, 90%) of the rest. It'll be whatever fits in one bike box, one suitcase, and one backpack.