Friday, July 27, 2012

Focus amidst chaos

This was fun to get in my email box the other day. "You have now been successfully registered for this event by your National Federation." Never mind that "National Federation" probably means some college kid doing a summer internship typed my name and info into an online form. Hey, it's still cool.

We also got ordering information for Team USA trisuits and clothes.

This provided a nice little boost and renewed focus in the midst of a life that is bursting at the seams. Training volume and intensity have been fairly high. So has the general level of life chaos.

Summer is NOT leisurely. Why do I think, year after year, that it will be? The kids are busy. I have some major (but exciting) job changes going on and the hubs just took on teaching a senior level college course on top of work in the fall.  Grant is involved in an intensive drama camp that required me to order plastic asparagus. Spencer came home from camp with about 1000 bug bites. We are going full-tilt.

Somehow, in the midst of all the overwhelm, training is solid. I hit mile repeats on the track at times I could not have done even 6 months ago, took a big chunk of time out of an uphill bike time trial as compared to last year, and I'm swimming...well....I'm swimming more!

I love training (and racing)...just love it! But I have to say when things are crazy it takes a little more effort to get out the door and to find the intensity I need for the tough workouts.

Through the chaos and "busy brain," I find it reassuring that the body somehow remains faithful and delivers. For me, a bit of speed (and suffering) is the best stress-buster around.