Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back on the grid!

Power was finally restored on Thursday so the kids and I rushed home and did some quick unpacking before Spencer and I headed off to a swim meet. I set up at my little "station" where I got to do my favorite volunteer job of averaging the data from the two timers in each lane. I don't get enough opportunities for mental math like this. I watched Spencer swim 50 butterfly and 100 free and he watched me do 100 free and then we went home and simply enjoyed being home.

Life is returning to normal. Look...the light comes on in the refrigerator again! 

I dropped almost $300 at Kroger yesterday and the refrigerator is beginning to fill again. My mom and I always joke that there are two kinds of people - those who like to see their refrigerator full, and those who like it empty. I tend more toward empty - simple, clean, fewer choices, minimal waste. But this is extreme even for me. Trust me, it's filling again. Take mustard. We had a family discussion about our individual mustard "needs" after I tossed at least five kinds of it last week. It seems we cannot get by on any fewer than three kinds - yellow, spicy brown, and stone-ground.

Today is a day off for me, and much needed. I've been hard at it. Despite the chaos of the last week, I achieved some new firsts in the swim and bike and met one long-standing goal I have had on the run. I'm feeling good!!

I'd better be feeling good -- we are 6 weeks out from Nationals, I can't believe that!! I am signed up for both races in Burlington, plus I have two races between now and then. That's four races in six weeks and next weekend is my first Olympic distance race of the year. I'm headed to Colonial Beach to swim in the Potomac. That will be my first time at that venue.

Have a great weekend!