Friday, February 24, 2012

Newsflash: Change takes effort!

At this morning's swim, per Coach Jim's suggestion, I played around with accelerating my hand entry to capitalize on the additional momentum it affords. I remarked "that's going to take some effort" to which he replied "you like effort"-- as if to remind me.

Even though I *know* I need to get out of my comfort zone to make progress, the occasional reminder is welcome. We need to mindfully attend to changes, accept they will feel weird for a while, and put in the effort for them to eventually become habit.

Last year I focused on raising my upper-80's run cadence to 90+. It took effort and constant self-reminders at first, but no longer. Last week's race was run in the 90-93 range without much thought. So I know I am at least capable of change!

With our training schedules, plans, and logs, it's all too easy to just check the boxes. But every workout is an opportunity to make an effort, to fine-tune, and to improve. Even on slow recovery runs, I try to take the time to think about parts of my body that I can't attend to as well on a tough run - arms, hands, head position, and shoulders.

Want change? Be prepared to make the investment and effort, both physically and mentally.

Don't want to make the effort or unwilling to change? Better be happy right where you are.