Wednesday, April 20, 2011

That Swim Workout Cost Me

Nothing like hitting a little swim milestone that is slightly intimidating to prompt the purchase of a new swimsuit. I can't swim in boring suits - the wilder the pattern, the faster I am.  OK, not really, but it helps to put on something fun at 5:45 am.  Not that I am rationalizing now, but my suits get stretched out and gross pretty quick thanks to the chemical levels in the town pool. It was time for a new addition.

And what amazing feat should justify this indulgence?  A set of 30 x 50's on minute cycles.  Previous to this, it was 1:05 cycles. Not so amazing. I let it get to my head and then it was no big deal. Nice to have a coach to push you into discovering what you can really do.

This afternoon I have a time trial on Coach's CompuTrainer.  If that goes well, someone had better hide my credit card!!