Monday, April 25, 2011

Elusive Sleep

My typical night has me in bed by 10:00, reading briefly, and fast asleep soon after. Then the fun begins as I wake up 2-4 times each night, with the first occurrence at around 1:00 am, but sometimes as early as 11:30. I'm usually up just briefly, maybe 5-10 minutes. By 5:15 or 5:30 I abandon sleep and get up for my morning workout.

Sometimes I'll get up and pee, sometimes I am hungry and I'll wait it out a bit to decide whether it's bad enough to get up and eat something. Sometimes it's busy brain, but not usually.

This is not restful sleep.  Most days I feel just fine and can push through.  Every couple of weeks though I crash and burn and have a really tough day. At any rate, it is NOT optimal.

This past Easter weekend I had hoped to catch up and maybe start to reset these patterns.  I took the kids and headed to western Pennsylvania to spend some time with my folks and meet up with my sister.  I was back in my childhood home with no work, no responsibilities, and the boys were happy and easy. 

No luck, the same multiple wake-ups and now I'm heading into a super busy week already feeling sleep deprived.

Any one else dealing with this sort of thing. Any ideas or suggestions?