Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Triathlon and Endurance Podcasts

I've been a long-time listener to two terrific podcasts -- Endurance Planet and the Simon Gowen Triathlon Show.

The Simon Gowen Triathlon Show, on LA Talk Radio, features top coaches and athletes, race directors, and race reports.  Simon himself is an accomplished yet humorously self-deprecating triathlete/runner host who is respectful but light too. It's a great listen on a run or trainer ride and always inspirational.

Endurance Planet recently changed hands.  While I loved listening to Kevin Patrick, the founder of EP, I'm also enjoying the new group of hosts that includes Ben Greenfield, a coach/trainer and sports nutrition expert, Mark Klion, a sports medicine physician, and Tawnee Prazak, a trainer and triathlete.  They are often soliciting questions and topic ideas on their Facebook page.

When they asked for questions for the sports medicine doc, I couldn't help but put my situation up there and ask for his theories on why two fibular stress fractures when I do all I can to minimize risk.  They addressed it on the show!!  It's kind of freaky to hear folks who don't know you talk about your case but they had some good suggestions and thoughts. Here is the podcast episode with my 5 minutes of indirect fame: Endurance Planet - Ask the Doctor with Dr. Mark Klion .

So if you are looking for a good listen on your next run or workout, I'd definitely recommend Endurance Planet and the Simon Gowen Triathlon Show!

Update: got the thumbs-up from the doc yesterday to slowly resume running and cycling and get back to normal training.  Even though the MRI set me back a week till we got the results, it did give me some peace of mind and it forced me to let go of any residual hope of running Boston this year.  But what crappy timing - I just read that they are changing the registration procedures so that faster runners get in first.  I had a good cushion on my qualifying time so I can make the mark, but can I get a spot in the future?!  We'll see....