Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Roller coaster

Some periods of your life things go like clockwork.  Last year was one of those years in terms of training and racing. I hit every race I wanted to do, achieved all my major goals, had no downtime due to injuries, and had a blast! I won a bench press meet, a 10-miler, raced 5 triathlons and placed in the master's division of the VTS, ran Richmond and re-qualified for Boston, and competed in various road races and swim meets. It could not have gone any better!!

But for every up, there is a down.

Here's the downer.  Today I had what I hoped was a final visit to the orthopedic doc for my leg injury.  I had a retirement ceremony of sorts for the boot Friday and headed off for a nice walk with the kids and dog Sunday. I feared this appointment knowing I still had a hot spot at the site of the fracture, but expected to hear that it was a normal part of the healing process.  That was not what i heard.

Bottom line is I'm headed for an MRI which will tell us if it's still a bone issue or just the connective tissue.  The latter I can work through.  The former lands me in the boot for 5 more weeks with greater restrictions than before.  There are even worse possibilities than that.

So right now the boot is back on.  I enjoyed my weekend of freedom.  I had my cry. I admitted that Boston is probably not in my reality for this year. I am moving forward.

There is still that chance that I will get good news from the MRI.

Either way, by summer, I will be a much speedier swimmer than I would have been without the injury.