Monday, March 16, 2009


I realize the final piece of the puzzle needed to really succeed with my running and lifting goals is nutrition. I'm part way there, but not where I want to be, and I've been stubborn about giving into it fully.

A year ago: I ate whatever and really didn't think much about it
Now: I eat much better food, especially the first half of the day, but things can fall apart in late afternoon/evening, especially if I am up late working.
Goal: Fuel up more conscientiously and consistently throughout the day so I don't get to the point of desperate hunger and eat stupid things.

Last week I ate what Jake planned out and it made a big difference keeping hunger at bay, but I need to start figuring it out for myself.

What I am pledging to do:
  • Record ALL my food on SparkPeople faithfully through the end of the month for starters
  • Add in more veggies & salad, especially at dinner
  • Eat a good evening snack so I don't munch on other stuff - oatmeal, apple & PB, etc.
  • NO junky food
I do get cravings for chocolate and carbs/sugary things (graham crackers are the biggie), more so if I let myself get hungry. And it seems the more sweet stuff I eat, the more I want, so I need to keep that in check and go with natural sugars in fruit.