Wednesday, December 2, 2015

No dress code for running

WHERE did November go? Geez. Well, I'll just call it an unplanned off-season from the blog. The whole month was a bit of a blur, but I love this time of year for one big reason: it offers lots of excuses to dress up for swim/bike/run. I take full advantage:



Drumstick Dash - 3rd Masters, 21:46

Santa swim suit (photo from last year; I look faster in it this year, haha ;-)

Did you ever think about how running gives us opportunities to basically dress like little kids? Anything goes!! Case in point:

You can run dressed like a princess, banana, Star Wars character, Green man, etc and no one thinks it's strange. See this website with Best Race Costumes for more. 

You can race in your underwear (please, limit to designated events like the Kona Underpants Run!!)

You can scoff at the weather and run in the snow in shorts and a tshirt if you want.

You can run in light-up shoes!

You can mix-and-match colors, prints, stripes, plaids, polka dots...clash all you want because it's all about performance and comfort.

Embrace that inner child -- dress like him/her, and run with that free-flowing form that kids naturally exhibit.

Have fun with it! It's our time to play!