Thursday, October 29, 2015

Seasons change

November is nearly here! Last year at this time, it kicked off two months with no training structure. It was my choice and very much supported by Coach Jim. At that time I wrote,
"Nearly two weeks in, I have been oddly at peace doing very little. I'm OK with not having a plan and structure!"
This year I thought I would do basically the same thing and pull the plug from training structure for two months starting November 1.

October was a perfect mental deceleration from the race season and I enjoyed it a lot! I had a few things I wanted to do, and Coach Jim put together a nice schedule with an appropriately relaxed vibe.

Looking ahead, my November Training Peaks calendar was blank, as requested, left for me to fill in as I chose. But as I saw my final day of structured training approach, I was not feeling good about it. I was not feeling at peace. I was feeling dread. I didn't want that empty calendar.

This year my gut told me I still want and need some structure to my activity. I don't want to be wondering if I'm doing too much or not enough. I like having that workout on the calendar to get me out the door, but also to keep me in check. Left to my own devices I will always err on the side of more is better.

So I reversed course on my decision and asked Coach Jim to provide some structure and he agreed.

Everything you read about the "off season" says lose the structure and in general I support that, but I also believe in following one's instincts about what is best at the time. This year I'd just rather have some direction and I know he'll keep it fun and flexible.

We planted the beautiful tree in the top photo 11 years ago from a tiny seedling that my mom suggested we bring from our old house. It's not the same as it was a year ago, and neither am I. It's important to set course from where you are at the moment, and not where you were a year ago, or where you plan to be, or where you wish you were.

I was happy to see my calendar begin to fill again and glad for a Coach who understands the changing currents of life and sport that sometimes call for a little more rudder, and sometimes a little less.