Thursday, June 26, 2014

Things I learned at this morning's swim practice

  1. What Coach Tom says is faster is faster (reach, good catch, complete strokes, strong finish, control).
  2. What I think is faster is slower (churning).
  3. When our instructions are to swim "choice", "not swimming" is not one of the available choices.
  4. Swimming outside early in the morning under the rising sun is awesome (once getting over the hurdle of actually getting in the water).
  5. I love to swim as part of a group. 
  6. Swimming with faster people motivates me to work a little harder and focus a little more.
  7. I wish we could change up the lane lines sometimes to be more like this:

    Instead of always like this:

  8. It's perfectly acceptable to pump gas in a swimsuit and towel.

If you are local (New River Valley) and want to join our T/H 6:30 am triathlon-focused swim practice with Coach Tom Williams, I can give you more information. It's a lot of fun and very helpful. We swim at the Blacksburg Aquatic Center on Tuesday and Shawnee Swim Club on Thursday.

ALSO if you are local, please join our new New River Valley Triathlon Facebook page!