Wednesday, May 22, 2013

After a one year separation, Diet Coke and I are officially divorced

In April of 2012 I separated from Diet Coke. More than a year later, I'd say the divorce is final. I never really looked back, and I don't miss it at all.


Since then, I haven't had any actual sweetened "soda."

More recently I gave up the deliberate use of artificial sweeteners too. I put actual sugar in my two daily cups of coffee.

I now take plain water on regular rides and runs. For longer stuff (rides/runs over two hours) I might go with some BCAAs and/or Perpetuem in my water but I don't just default to it for every workout like I used to.

My stomach and GI system are very happy about these small changes.

I do drink about two cups of coffee every morning, a LaCroix most days (an unsweetened lightly flavored sparkling water), and water. OK and the random beer or wine here or there too, kombucha when I want to "treat myself," and OJ when I get a craving.

I'm really glad I made these changes and it kind of has me thinking about what's the next thing I could change or clean up in my diet?