Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Morning Tri Coffee Reads - February 23

Nutrition, Health, Wellness
  • Smaller But Better? Organic Tomatoes May Pack More Nutritional Punch but Allison Aubrey, NPR, February 20, 2013. Well, YEAH, DUH! Is this all that surprising? It's just another reminder that farming methods and soil quality DO matter. Local is your best bet, stick with organic for sure with any produce where you are not able to remove the outside/peel it. 
  • Making Biking Irresistible - by Zach Venderkooy for America Bikes, February 20, 2013 - "Next-generation infrastructure and programs are inspiring cities across the United States to make bicycling irresistible. Here's a peek at ideas and innovations from the Netherlands and Portland, Oregon that are pushing the envelope." I like the "Car-Free Days" idea!

Training and Racing
    • The Dirty Dozen - 12 Mistakes (even experienced) runners make - by Pete Magill, Running Times, February 5, 2013. Now that we are coming out of hibernation and hitting the road again, read this refresher on how to train smart! (link from tri Coach Eric Neilsen who is directing our Vasa Ergometer pilot training program)
    • Bicycling's 50 Golden Rules - Bicycling Magazine. Great list! I liked #34 "Listen to Your Bike" with some ideas about what various sounds might mean! And #22 "If your knee hurts in the front, raise your saddle; if it hurts in the back, lower the set." Nice and simple. What tips can you pick up?
    • Professional Triathletes - Websites, Twitter, Facebook. I stumbled upon this page that has links to a long list of pros. I'm not sure how current it is or what the criteria are for inclusion, but I always appreciate well-organized information. The name of pro Jesse Thomas came to me and I noticed he's not on the list.
      If you are looking to follow a list of pros on Twitter, you can do so by subscribing to TriCrowd's Twitter pro list
    • Angela Naeth - Iron dreams alive but on hold - by Timothy Carlson for Slowtwitch, February 22, 2013.  Slowtwitch always provides in-depth articles and interviews and this is a great one with Canadian Angela Naeth. She recently started working with Mark Allen after a stint with the famous Brett Sutton and I anticipate a great year for her!

    • This is actor Will Smith from a 2009 children's award show where he talks about the value of running and reading. He nailed it!
    • 44 Bodyweight Exercises - This 5 minute video by "Tee Major Fitness" starts out fairly easy and conventional but he progresses through 44 increasingly difficult bodyweight exercises including lots of variations on pushups that are just amazing. My massage therapist, who can do many of these things (attesting to his strength), showed me this!