Friday, February 22, 2013

Office Chair Options for the Busy-Legged

Two different friends, Erin and Kristin, posted the above picture on my Facebook wall the other day. It's a stainess steel IKEA bar table repurposed as a cycling work station! Are they trying to tell me something?

Truth be told, I have never been comfortable in a normal chair, sitting still, two feet on the floor. It's so confining and conformist!

I am more the cross-legged, both feet under me, one leg under me, one-leg-sprawled, feet-on-the-desk type. I thought I might outgrow that and learn to sit "properly", but I don't see that happening. Currently I alternate between a cushioned backless stool (to my left) and my very attractive decor-matching stability ball. It's just enough freedom and movement to keep me happy.

Treadmill desks have been a recent phenomena, but research shows that too much movement may reduce productivity....and cause "rampant misspellings." (see Falling Down on the Job? Workstations Designed to Help you Get Fit May Make You Type Poorly, Even Fall by Jen Wieczner of the Wall Street Journal)

I personally couldn't work at a treadmill desk, nor would I want too. I like to keep my work and workouts separate. Plus my keyboard is not sweatproof.

If you can't see spending $20 for a blow-up "chair" like mine and insist on spending $500, then the Aeron Chair is for you!

Remember those kneeling chairs? Those didn't hang around long.
Then we have the lazy options. Why deal with all the hassle of actually standing on your own when you can have a chair do it for you? Supporting your own bodyweight is SO overrated!

Then why sit when you can lounge?

And for the really lazy....or overtrained. Now THIS chair has some promise!