Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ITU Worlds: Race Goals Dictate Choices

This year, Team USA members have the opportunity to participate in multiple races at ITU Worlds in London in September. As an Olympic distance qualifier, I can elect to race in the Sprint and/or Aquathalon. Sprint qualifiers can elect to race in the Aquathalon. The races are each two days apart:
  • Aquathlon - Wednesday, September 11
  • Sprint - Friday, September 13
  • Olympic - Sunday, September 15

I'm signed up for the Aquathalon, as a bit of a warm-up (particularly for the swim), and the Olympic, with four days between them. Today, registration opened to pay and confirm. I had a last-minute moment of regret, wondering if I should be doing the Sprint and Olympic. I've done two double-race weekends including Nationals last year, but that was with my big A race, the Olympic, first, and the Sprint getting the leftovers.

After a quick email to and from Coach Jim, he brought it back around to what was my goal? Without hesitation, I responded "I am going there to race my best against the best." I answered my own question. I would not be my best two days after a sprint race. The original plan stands.

Had the order been reversed - Olympic first - then maybe. But as is, no. And for someone else with different goals, a different decision may make sense. That's why it's good to know why we are racing and what our real purpose is, then stick to it! Just because an opportunity is there does not mean it should be taken.

OK, I do have ONE other goal in London -- I'm hoping to find another ITU fleece hoodie like this one. At the Auckland race, this was the only thing I bought, and I have lived in it this winter. (Yes, with the hood up most of the time in the house, I've been cold all winter.) It's perfect for "casual days" at the office.

I'm pretty sure it will be threadbare by September.