Friday, February 1, 2013

How many pairs of running shoes do we have, and how many is "too many" - a survey

On Wednesday I posted the following on Facebook:

It started an interesting conversation in which I learned that it's NOT just women who have shoe hoarding tendencies (ahem, Ryan H.). And many of us develop deep loyalties toward particular shoes only to have the manufacturer "improve" them so they no longer work for us. Sometimes a trusty shoe begins to fail us, as Kathy described her "abusive relationship" with her previous model. She has been left with several unwearable pairs and is in the dating phase with a new shoe.

As for me, I'd been "playing the field" because I hadn't quite found THE shoe since my beloved Kinvara 2s changed to the 3s. After that, our relationship was never quite the same. The trust was broken, the colors less exciting, and we drifted apart.

The Mirage announcement came out the day after I had JUST gotten a new pair of shoes (Brooks PureFlow) but the description had my mouth watering and my toes tingling.  Could those be THE shoe? THE long run shoe? My sole mate?

This is the current inventory:

From the top row from left- Brooks PureFlow (downgraded to gym shoes), Brooks PureConnect (speedwork), Brooks PureFlow (new long run shoe I hope); middle row - Saucony Kinvara 3 (medium runs); Saucony Kinvara 2 (beloved 2012 race shoes); Saucony Kinvara 1s (beloved 2011 race shoes); Old Asics (gym shoes), Brooks Cascadia (trail shoes).

So for me, it's 3 pairs of road/track running shoes, 1 pair of trail shoes, 2 pairs of gym shoes, and 2 pairs I keep for sentimental value. Not too bad!

What's the average? How many pairs is too many? Let's find out!
If you complete it, there's an option after you submit to see the results right away (if I set it up right).