Friday, December 28, 2012

Word Cloud of 2012 posts

Word Clouds are an interesting way to visualize a piece of writing by representing the most commonly used words by size, according to frequency of use. I used Wordle to create a Word Cloud of my 2012 posts. It turned out not to be a trivial exercise (see footnote) since I had to do some work for it to analyze all 167 posts I've done so far this year.

Swim - bike - run - race feature prominently, as do just and time! It's just kind of interesting to look around and think what words I might like to see pop a bit more next year. Knowing my writing is reflecting my thinking, am I emphasizing the right things, directing my attention in the best ways?

Even though it is a triathlon blog, I couldn't help but notice how small family and kids are. 

Food for thought.

Footnote: I ended up exporting the entire blog, deleting all but the the 2012 posts, opening it in Firefox, copying text and pasting as text into Word to strip HTML, then doing a bit of find/replace cleanup. There must be an easier way. The RSS feed only 'fed' the most recent post.