Saturday, December 29, 2012

A year of training in a Ziploc bag

I am such a creature of habit. I have EVERY single weekly workout printout from 2012 in a single Ziploc® in my pool bag, each folded precisely in half and neatly stacked in reverse chronological order. When I printed out the next two weeks of workouts that start off the new year, I decided I'd treat myself to a shiny NEW empty Ziploc® bag for 2013.

I enjoyed looking through the year's worth of workouts; it's like a time capsule. The schedules tell the story that is missing from the "I ran X miles and biked Y miles". I print two copies out from TrainingPeaks each week - one copy goes into the pool bag, the other on the refrigerator. Then the refrigerator copy gets archived into a 3-ring binder that houses... well.....EVERY workout schedule I've gotten for the past 4+ years. So nerdy and so OCD.

I can go back years and certain workouts will still stand out in my mind. I will remember where I did them, the weather, and how I felt.

I also think about how much work this represents for my Coach who brushes it off like it's no big deal but as the recipient, it's a big deal. I'd be lost without these roadmaps - the structure, the encouragement, and even the admonitions that remind me he knows me all too well.

I look forward to filling up my shiny new Ziploc®.

* I have not been endorsed or compensated by Ziploc® for this post. Haha.