Monday, December 31, 2012

Thoughts on the New Year

This is the sunrise that greeted me this morning. It might just be the most beautiful morning sky I have ever seen, causing me to jump up and run outside almost in disbelief!

I've been up since my usual 5 am and the odds of me making it to midnight to 'ring in the new year' are pretty much zilch, but I really don't care. We're heading out to a 6:45 pm movie, then we'll drink an early sparkling cider toast, and then I'll probably crawl into bed.

Truth be told, I don't want to celebrate a whole year at once or make giant resolutions on a specifically designated day. I prefer a daily, more ongoing approach. Every day I find something (or many things) to celebrate and appreciate and every day I take stock of my path and make changes where needed.

Today I started off with a celebration of that incredible sunrise sky. I may miss the close of the day, but what an opener!

I look forward to the opening morning of 2013, which will be celebrated appropriately with a run, and probably some quiet reflection.

Be safe out there tonight, everyone. Happy New Year....but also, Happy Every Day.