Monday, December 3, 2012

Life is Happy Crazy, Books I'm Reading

I haven't blogged in a week. The previous weekend's long car trip sort of left me scrambling afterward. My friend Krista and I touch base every few days and lament how jam-packed days seem to be. Between family/kids, work, swim/bike/run/gym, and holiday prep/shopping/concerts/decorating, it's crazy. Happy crazy, but still crazy.

I'm enjoying the laid back workouts of the season. Swim time right now is emphasizing technique, drills, paddle and fin time and no hard interval work, which is fine by me! Running includes no-GPS and no-watch runs and "world's easiest" long runs. It's all no-pressure. Bike rides have been spins, or long rides, some drills and cadence work. Today I took the race bike out for the first time since Worlds (too lazy to take road bike off trainer) and it felt good to be back on my throughbred.

Still, life has a way of putting on the brakes when the body needs it. On Saturday, with a house full of boys (my 2 plus 2), I could not keep my eyes open and was asleep at 8:30, where I remained asleep, for a full and unprecedented 10 hours.

Sunday we did our decorating, about a week earlier than normal, but come December 26 I'm ready to take it all down. And often do.

I will confess over the last week and a half, I had/made time to read this book, The Eighty-Dollar Champion - Snowman, the Horse That Inspired a Nation by Elizabeth Letts. It was a great story of a poor immigrant farmer and the horse he saved from a slaughterhouse who went on to make showjumping history. It was a tremendously gripping page-turner especially for me, a former Pony Club / horse show girl, but I think it would appeal to anyone who likes a good sports hero story!

Next up on the growing bedside book pile:


Books I recently read:


And after hearing about this from several friends, I asked for Tyler Hamilton's book for Christmas.

*Note - all books are in ACTUAL book form. Made of paper. Despite the iPads and tablets around here, I'm a holdout.

What are YOU reading?