Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Morning Tri Coffee Reads


  • In Sickness and in Health - by Matt Dixon (February 1, 2012) This article goes far beyond the typical "work out if symptoms are above your neck, rest if they are below." Matt is an experienced coach and former pro triathlete so he understands the typical triathlete response to pushing through illness. He explains how that can be detrimental to functional adaptation and suggests how to adjust training, when to stop completely, and when to return to normal loads. 

  • USAT's Happy Holidays 2012 Recap - a nice video montage of the year that reminds us why we still swim/bike/run when race season may seem far away (particularly for those of us in more northern areas.)

  • Build your own at-home triathlon training facility

homemade bike trainer
  • This makes me want to try rollers. This guy has great skills and balance!
  • This makes me think twice about it:

  • Make your own Bike Chain Bracelet. There's so much that can be made with a bike chain, I am tempted to try, but haven't yet. I've seen picture frames, Christmas ornaments, and sculptures. Each project provides practice with a chain breaker tool.

Have a great wrap-up to 2012!