Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Settle In" Day

In our swim training, Coach Jim has us do "settle-ins" where we train to go out fast and hard and then settle in to our pace. It teaches you to recover and not panic over a hard effort.

Yesterday I went out hard, today I am just settling in. I started with a nice kiwi breakfast of avocado, chili-fried egg, ham, and greens on toast. I sat and read a book and just enjoyed!

I met another Team USA-er, Sarah Nice (a 60-64 AGer) who was off to get her rented race bike. The shop offered me a brand new bike to rent for the race, but I came back to my hotel to a message to expect my bike tomorrow morning. The bummer is I'll have missed out on the 'course familiarization" rides, but I'm not that worried about it.

Here's some pics from the day.

Cycling groups are everywhere, and beautifully decked out!
Paratriathlete running under one of the triathlon banners on all the lightposts
Elites and U23s getting ready to swim.
It's the norm to "hang out" in your cycling kit or wetsuit around here!
In they go!
Not everyone dives!
GIGANTIC ship and tug just past the turn buoys. A little disconcerting!
I am glad for technology that keeps me in touch with the family, including the cat....yes, the cat was in on the Skype call!

Off to get ready for swim practice!