Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Haven't you left yet?"

This is one of those times of life....you know:

Are you in that new house yet?
Is your dissertation finished yet?
Haven't you had that baby yet?

Haven't you left yet????

Well, I've just about left. I'm at the airport, but knowing how airlines are....we'll see.

I abandoned the packing light approach when I realized if my one checked suitcase (aside from the bike) was lost, I would be in dire straits. So now I'm traveling with the bike case, big suitcase, carry on case, and backpack. I meant to get a photo of the whole herd, but forgot. I did get to watch the bike box contents get inspected and safely put back together.

I like our little airport. We have six gates, but it's more like three seating areas and six doors. It's hard to come and not know someone else. I met a woman today from our gym!

I'm leaving with work in good shape and the family in good shape: pumpkin patch visited, hair cuts given, pet food replenished, and afterschool logistics orchestrated with near-military precision. I emailed all the kids' teachers to give them a heads-up that if the kids come to school in a swim suit or are seen with a lunch of sardines and gummy worms, not to worry.

I'm just kidding (sort of). They will do just fine I'm sure. We are so fortunate to have Oma here nearby to step in and help minimize disruptions for them.

The kids have been a little sullen in the last day. I keep telling them they will be having "man camp" which will be a different kind of fun. The upside is, when I get home, they will probably appreciate me so much more. That will last maybe an hour, LOL.

Auckland here I come -- via Charlotte and San Francisco. I'll have a total of 19 hours of flying time to catch up on movies, books, and sleep. Endurance travel.


  1. Good Luck and safe journey, Cortney! You will be awesome!!

  2. Good luck and have a safe trip! I'll be rooting for you!

  3. Hope the flight passes smoothy - I hate to fly!

    Hope you've packed some warm clothes - Auckland isn't bringing out the nice weather for the competitors!

  4. this is all so exciting!!!!
    Man camp. Man cave. Why do the men get all the cool terminology.