Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Departure Week To-Do list

I'm a big list maker (second favorite only to spreadsheet-making) - to-do lists, packing lists, lists of lists. This trip list definitely has some unusual things on it.

  1. "Ride" the New Zealand bike course. I did this on the Computrainer at One-on-One Endurance World Headquarters (above). I'm fortunate that Coach Jim lives only a few blocks away and am glad that race organizers made this file available. It helps to see and feel the elevation profile of the two-loop course and know what I am in for. There are a few good climbs in there! 
  2. Order New Zealand currency. A trip-mate suggested arriving with currency, and lo and behold, I found I could go online at my bank and order up some NZ cash. Who knew?
  3. Tell my credit card company I am headed overseas. Also super-easy to do online.
  4. Decide I will just not have a phone and instead rely on hotel wi-fi and Skype.
  5. Figure out how to pack my bike, practice reassembling it, and determine what else I can fit in the bike box.
  6. Get books. Yes, actual books. I just like to have something along that I don't have to plug in. I went with The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach (I missed it when it was in the local theater and it got rave reviews) and The Eighty-Dollar Champion by Elizabeth Letts (the story of Snowman, a top showjumping horse in the late 50s).
  7. Get kids' Halloween costumes sorted out. We have a Halloween party the evening I get home. Or at least the rest of the family does, I may be asleep. Grant wants to be Warren Buffett. Spencer is undecided. Also need to get pumpkins this weekend.
  8. Borrow outlet converter from neighbor.
  9. Type up day-by-day itinerary of kid activities for Oma (grandma) and hubs.
  10. Pack. I've started. It's a multi-day process.
I can't wait to be on the plane, luggage stowed, iPod on, eyes closed, seatbelt fastened...ready for takeoff.